Our System

With a track record of success from coast to coast, Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC is an experienced provider of light gauge steel wall and floor panels for midrise construction projects. While Jobsite Steel tackles projects of various sizes, the ideal project ranges from 3 to 12 stories with repetitious unit types and floor to floor layouts.

JSM has manufactured and supplied product for partners from Boston to Los Angeles including multi-family and student housing projects, assisted living facilities, and hotels. The ability to influence the design early in the process increases the onsite speed of construction, lowers overall budgets, and gives owners access to buildings ahead of schedule. The JSM approach continues to draw progressive partners to Jobsite Steel for successful design and execution of light gauge steel projects.

Light Gauge Steel Wall Panels

JSM is the premier light gauge steel framing solution in the North America with geographical reach from coast to coast. JSM wall panels are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding specifications with rigid third-party inspections. Wall panels are engineered and designed with a full shop drawing package that indicates precisely to the JSM fabrication crews how to build each wall section to perfection. Exterior wall panels are sheathed and loaded onto a truck for delivery with respect to the install sequence of the project.

Light Gauge Steel Floor Joist Panels

While JSM wall panels are compatible with multiple floor systems, light gauge steel floor joist panels are manufactured and shipped to the job site for easy installation. Floor joist panels received 9/16” form deck onsite or a USG Structural Panel that is preinstalled by the JSM fabrication crew prior to delivery. The comprehensive system of JSM walls and floors has shed months off schedules. JSM has successfully executed projects utilizing composite deck and bar joist systems as well.

JSM USG Structural Floor Panel

The use of USG Structural Panel Concrete Subfloor and Roof Deck products complement the speed and quality controls of offsite construction offered by JSM. Pre-sheathed and ready to set panel systems can accelerate a jobsite schedule by removing poured-in-place concrete subfloor and/or roof deck demands from the schedule’s critical path. Projects can gain greater control of jobsite labor, time, and cost during the superstructure erection phase when converting to a pre-sheathed, noncombustible panel system with Jobsite Steel Manufacturing and USG.

USG Structural Panels are high strength reinforced concrete panels for use in noncombustible construction (meets active ASTM standard E136). When installed on a JSM light gauge steel panel, the structural system is much faster to install, and significantly lighter than poured comparable concrete structural floor systems. A JSM USG Floor Panel system is a more efficient way to build your noncombustible floor and roof systems.


Evaluation ReportsICC ESR-1792; PER-13067; PER-14076; AER-17108
Code ApprovalsARR #25682; FL#19921; MEA #214-07-M
UL 1-, 1.5-, 2-, 3-Hour Fire Resistance DesignsG556, G557, H505, H510, G602, P561, P562, H510

To reach a USG Structural Panel Sales Partner contact USGStructural@usg.com or visit usg.com/structural.