About Us

Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC takes an alternative approach to manufacturing. Adaptable manufacturing and the use of innovative technologies facilitate a solution driven process that meets project specific demands and expedited schedules. JSM understands what it takes to make a project successful in the field and offers a structural system that removes obstacles and provides solutions for the job site. Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC has a reputation of speed, accuracy, innovation, accessibility, and integrity. With a culture strongly rooted in 200 years of panelization and construction field experience, JSM is job site motivated. JSM provides solutions to our partners down to the smallest detail.
Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC provides comprehensive solutions from design to delivery. With a track record of longevity and success, Jobsite Steel’s time-tested and adaptable methodology continues to provide end users with light gauge project specific solutions.
JSM routinely engages in the earliest phase of design with EoRs and architects to achieve the most efficient light gauge design. Utilizing 3D parametric modeling for BIM coordination and clash detection, the preconstruction team approaches each project with decades of field experience to create precisely manufactured solutions.
The model creation software communicates directly with automated roll form machinery to ensure every measurement, cut, and punch is precise per the design. Full automation removes human error and prevents costly mistakes that often occur in the field.
Union carpenters fabricate wall and floor panels in a controlled environment in a JSM factory or remote fabrication facility near the job site. By utilizing union carpenters, JSM has the ability to fabricate anywhere in the United States and is not limited by the resources of available labor. This unique approach of adaptable manufacturing allows JSM to be scalable in a way that conventional manufacturing cannot.
Highly skilled and trained union carpenters install the JSM system in every geographical location across the country. Union installers are trained in each aspect of the system prior to installing the first panel. JSM installers receive training at no cost with the added benefit of experienced, on the job trainers (OJTs) for onsite support.
Our Knoxville, Tennessee location houses all coil inventory and roll form equipment. All material for the system is cut to length and punched with intelligence from a Revit model that communicates with our machinery. Studs, tracks, posts, and all other material are produced in this one centralized location where the intelligence is housed. Fabrication can take place onsite in Knoxville, or when more advantageous to the project, materials are shipped to one of our satellite fabrication facilities spanning geographically from Massachusetts to Las Vegas.

Because JSM has access to the largest skilled labor pool of carpenters in the country, moving fabrication close to any job site is a unique reality. Skilled labor drives the speed and accuracy of fabrication and impacts the construction schedule of every project. Proximity of offsite fabrication solves the issues of complicated logistics such as storage, freight, unanticipated delays of delivery, and expedited resolutions. JSM fully trains all fabrication crews prior to the start of any project. JSM fabricators understand the specifics of the JSM system from shop drawing to quality control whether in the permanent location or in a satellite fabrication facility.