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Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC provides offsite solutions for onsite demands by offering a complete light gauge system from design to delivery.

6,000,000 Square Feet

JSM has supplied over 6,000,000 square feet of panelized walls to projects across the country. Projects include 15 major hotel brands, and multi-family and student housing projects ranging from 250,000 – 600,000 square feet. JSM has successfully executed such jobs simultaneously across multiple states.


JSM has completed 53 fully panelized projects in 18 states spanning geographically from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA. Strategic partnerships with EoRs, Architects, and Light Gauge Specialty Engineers in every market allow for efficient and accurate design regardless of the geographic challenges. JSM is experienced in hurricane regions as well as the most strenuous seismic design.


The JSM team has over 200 years of combined construction field experience and panelization expertise. The team approaches each project with decades of field experience to create precisely manufactured solutions.

Our System | Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC
Our System

With a track record of success from coast to coast, Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC is the premier light gauge steel framing solution in North America. The light gauge system provides end users with a high end, precisely manufactured product that meets the most rigid specifications and expedited schedules.



Jobsite Steel has demonstrated proficiency in light gauge projects in various market segments across the United States. From the most complex luxury housing project to the simplest limited service hotel, Jobsite Steel provides comprehensive solutions.


Jobsite Steel has completed hotels for 15 major hotel brands in Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Florida, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Chicago, Massachusetts, Virginia, Kentucky and Nevada.


Jobsite Steel has completed multi-family housing projects in the most logistically challenging places in the country to include Los Angeles and Atlanta, as well as completing 5 student housing projects in two years’ time on major universities during the academic school year.


Jobsite Steel has partnered with assisted living owners and developers to design complete projects in light gauge. Owners have noticed dramatic schedule savings, getting doors open sooner and realizing revenue ahead of expectations.


Jobsite Steel has engaged in projects outside of the system’s typical load bearing application providing bypass panels for office towers, training centers, and casinos.


“Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC was a critical partner in the Tiverton Hotel and Casino project. The prefabrication of the exterior walls and floor system saved approximately six weeks on an aggressive schedule to get weather tight. The use of the panelized system limited framing time on a congested site, which allowed other trades early access around the buildings to perform their work. The partnership between Gilbane, East Coast Interiors, and Jobsite Steel allowed for value engineering options to be discovered and executed, which benefitted the project budget and ultimately allowed Gilbane to accelerate the project schedule. The team was committed and worked as partners to facilitate a successful project for the GC, installer and manufacturer,  and most importantly, the owner who realized revenue earlier than anticipated in both the hotel and casino.”
– Steve Duvel
Sr. Vice President, New England Division
Gilbane Building Company
“Jobsite Steel has been an exceptional partner with East Coast over the past several years.

Jobsite Steel’s attention to detail and key focus on Design Assist has helped East Coast secure projects that would not have been awarded without Jobsite Steel’s partnership.

Jobsite Steel’s team consists of some of the best design, manufacturing and professionalism in the industry and for that we are proud to call them our partner.”

– Patrick M Caldwell
V.P. Frame Division, East Coast Interiors

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Jobsite Steel pursues strategic partnerships with owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and installers and can engage anywhere in the process from design to fabrication.


Jobsite Steel has the expertise to engage in early design with owners, architects, and engineers. Click here to submit a project for evaluation and pricing.


Jobsite Steel has a unique partnership with installers across the country. Installation and fabrication crews are thoroughly trained on the JSM system. Click here to receive information on becoming an installation partner.


Jobsite Steel has a system that provides offsite solutions for onsite demands. Fill out our simple form to receive more information about the system or to contact the Business Development Director in your region.